SPiRALE & djMYTH handin out sweaty smiles all night long!!

Garrick Michael & djMYTH forcin sweat out ya!!

TIP350live with AlexSed & Hutsady!!

AVOX and djMYTH making things move all over!!

djMYTH & Nick the Quick showin their worth at the Fat Toad!!

Z.Sanders and MyHeadHertz rockin HHN collas at bar415!!


djMYTH reppin HouseHoldName making those CoCo Keys waters boil!!

PeteLo and mixDup, (Shaded Black) putting HouseHoldName out on the road pounding it out in Denver!!

:::HouseHoldName Presents::: B.O.T.

:::HouseHoldName Presents::: /THIK/ vol.001 with Ronn Gotti & MixDup

Mixdup & PeteLo as "Shaded Black" Team up with Disco Project for the Next Release

"What Did You Just Say" was just released on beatport on July 21st! Followed by iTunes Aug. 4th! … This is such a big milestone in our career, and is truly humbling.. Accompanied by a fellow seed member Chris Savior, doing a sick minimalistic remix, this EP is sure to please for our first digital download release ever! Buying it or not we support all of our fans, and family and friends alike who have supported us since day 1!!! This is for you!!!!