FALL 2014

10.24.2014 The Seed Showcase w Bill Kreamer & Shaded Black

Once again HouseHoldName Is back at it again and we are very excited to announce this one. Making sure that the Midwest is up to date on the newest and up coming artists. This Month we bring someone with all the Techno Class you can take in !! Bill Kraemer has been one of the few constants in the NY underground over the last 20 years and beyond. With a career that spans back to Acid House and New Wave Bill isn't just an originator, but an innovator able to keep pace and drive forward with new sounds.

Mixdup & PeteLo as "Shaded Black" Team up with Disco Project for the Next Release

"What Did You Just Say" was just released on beatport on July 21st! Followed by iTunes Aug. 4th! … This is such a big milestone in our career, and is truly humbling.. Accompanied by a fellow seed member Chris Savior, doing a sick minimalistic remix, this EP is sure to please for our first digital download release ever! Buying it or not we support all of our fans, and family and friends alike who have supported us since day 1!!! This is for you!!!!

HouseHoldName Goodies

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