April 2014

5.24.14 Lineup Released HHN Presents: LiquidGro2ves

The season is definately upon us. The show that has everyone paused and curious as to what the next show will bring is finally revealed. A 4 stage outdoor venue packed to the rim with talent and good vibes throughout. LIQUIDGRO2VES has grown to be an event destination for local EDM enthusiasts and lovers of the scene. Providing a feeling of WOW and togetherness. Showcasing what the big cities of Omaha, Lincoln, and Sioux City have to offer. Well, the nation is about to be invited on this venture. Something we all have built side by side... Organic Productions, HouseHoldName, GrindHouse, Old School Underground and The River City Star proudly present never to be mistaken... LIQUIDGRO2VES With the help of Old School Underground, this will be the only shot at any pre-sale tickets. The offical road to the STRANGELAND starts here. Ticket info below. LIQUIDGRO2VES 2014 LINEUP, Details, and Promo video can be found HERE If you would like to get your ticket in advance we recommend getting them online HERE

April 2014 Spotlighting HHN Artist Ron Gotti


Ladies and Gentleman... HouseHoldName continues to grow and building momentum with no signs of slowing down. Letting talent be known and promoted with respect... as they should. Extending our presence to other cities, artists, EDM enthusiasts. Without further ado, with the new addition to the HouseHoldName family, a nice warm welcome to Ron Gotti aka Ronnie G. BOOM!!! Check out his Soundcloud page Here

4.26.14 HHN Invades Sioux City @ Seismic Activity

This is guaranteed to be a night of face-meltin fun!!!!! We've put together an all star cast of Bass music maestros to direct you in the dancing direction!!!!! DID WE MENTION ENOUGH BASS TO SHAKE UR BLADDER LOOSE!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  • Here is your lineup

  • PeteLo (HouseHoldName)
  • BASSthoven (LINCOLN, NE)
  • WHITE HEADPHONES(ron gotti/eboli) (SC,IA)